sobota 10. ledna 2009


Because a breathtaking imbecile and troll on Twitter didn't get it and began to harass me and my followers, I must add this sentence that the text below is a prank. Sorry for ruining your day, everyone else.

Well, e-gold is down the toilet. Good idea, but again centralized authority.

The Beta of Bitcoin is live tomorrow. This is decentralized... We try until it works.

Some good coders on this. The paper rocks.

My uncle lives in Melbourne but I have hired a fellow climate skeptic in Sydney who seems to be good at IT security issues, Craig Steven Wright, and told him to create a new fictitious Japanese identity, pay several coders, and complete the project. Let us hope it will work. He also claims to be able to read e-mails of the climate alarmists in the U.K. which could be helpful to show what they're internally doing but I don't want to have anything to do with hacking.

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